(TOLO News): Former foreign minister and former national security adviser Rangin Dadfar Spanta on Saturday asked Afghan political leaders to come together and unite in support of Afghanistan’s National Defense and Security Forces. He said this will help to reduce casualties among security forces as the fighting intensifies on multiple fronts. Speaking at the funeral ceremony of Lieut. Colonel Sohrab Azimi, a member of Afghan Special Forces who lost his life last week in the battle with the Taliban, Spanta said that the current situation of the country is quite fragile. “It is now the right time that we come together and defend the blood of our martyrs, our flag,” Spanta said. “We should not let the aggressors and ‘the fifth pillar’ elements achieve their evil end.” Analysts said that poor management in the leadership of the country’s security institutions and the absence of comprehensive plans are two key factors behind the rise in casualties among government forces. “We are facing a management gap. From the military perspective, it is a mistake when you send a group or a unit to a district and you don’t provide them air and ground support,” said retired Gen. Zahir Azimi, father of Sohrab Azimi. “This shows weakness because did not receive air or ground support,” said military analyst Mohammad Radmanish. Fighting has intensified on multiple fronts amidst the withdrawal of the US and coalition forces from Afghanistan. The Ministry of Defense reported clashes in at least 13 provinces in the last 24 hours while  “Anyone who commits negligence should be punished,” said Shams-Ur-Rahman, a Kabul resident. “They (ANDSF) are defending, and they offer sacrifices. Those who commit negligence must be punished,” said Mohammad Osman, a Kabul resident. The Defense Ministry said the Afghan forces will soon retake all those areas that have fallen to the Taliban. “The more our security forces are engaged in war and confront the enemy, the most the enemy will suffer,” said Fawad Aman, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Defense.