(Pajhwok): US President Joe Biden has called the killing of Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden a moment he will never forget. On the 10th anniversary of Osama’s killing during a US raid in Pakistan’s garrison city of Abbottabad, Biden recalled he joined President Obama and members of his national security team to watch the operation remotely. From the crowded Situation Room at the White House, they watched as the US military delivered justice to Osama, the president said in a statement from his office. “It is a moment I will never forget—the intelligence professionals who had painstakingly tracked him down; the clarity and conviction of President Obama in making the call…” Biden also commended the courage and skill of the US team on the ground. :We followed bin Laden to the gates of hell—and we got him. We kept the promise to all those who lost loved ones on 9/11.” He pledged the United States would never waver in its commitment to prevent another attack on its homeland and to keep the American people safe. As a result of those efforts, Biden said, said the US was ending its longest war and drawing down the last of its troops from Afghanistan. With the drawdown underway, Al Qaeda was greatly degraded in Afghanistan, he claimed. “But the US will remain vigilant about the threat from terrorist groups that have metastasized around the world. “We will continue to monitor and disrupt any threat to us that emerges from Afghanistan,” the president promised. Biden said his administration would work to counter terrorist threats to the US and our interests in cooperation with allies and partners around the globe. “I want to give my enduring thanks to the service members who executed the raid at great personal risk and the public servants across our government who made our mission a success.”