(TOLO News): In Bagrami district, two army officers—Wais Ahmad and Sayed Nazifullah—were killed and another was wounded in an attack by unknown armed men, according to police.  Meanwhile, a vehicle carrying Hamdullah Arbab, spokesman and commissioner for the Access to Information Commission, was targeted by an IED blast in Kabul. Arbab was not wounded in the explosion, but his driver was killed, and his guard was wounded, according to a statement by the commission. On Saturday evening, a policeman was killed by armed robbers, Kabul police said.  Also, the driver of a businessman was killed and 5 million Afs carried by him was robbed by a group of armed robbers in the Sara-e-Shamali area in the north of Kabul on Sunday morning, police said.  “We come to work at 8am in the morning and leave at 3pm in the afternoon due to the fear of robbers; otherwise, we would have worked until 9pm at night,” said Moalim, a money exchanger in Sara-e-Shamali area in Kabul.   Munir Ahmad, the brother of army officer Wais Ahmad, said his brother was the only supporter of their family.  Wais Ahmad served in the Ministry of Defense for ten years. He is survived by four children.  “We don’t have anyone named by the police,” said Naqibullah Shinwari, a relative of Wais Ahmad. Another army officer, Sayed Nazifullah, is also survived by five children, all underage. His son said his father was about to be promoted to colonel rank in 15 days.  “The president will realize the situation if he experiences the pain that we are feeling right now,” said Sayed Yasin, Nazifullah’s son.