(Pakistan Today): Undoubtedly World community, International organisations and specially the neighbouring countries of Afghanistan are anxious to see sustainable and everlasting peace in Afghanistan. But this commitment seems meaningless if Intra — Afghan talk does not start soon.But there are many hurdles to bring normalization in buffer state which primarily relates to its future prospects. Mantra of peace deal is vague which was held in Feb of this year at Doha between Afghan Taliban and USA unless sincere efforts will show for the betterment of Afghan people who have been suffering a lot since last 40 years.  Apparently, starting of Intra -Afghan talk is nothing than just an election card of Donald Trump for upcoming American presidential elections 2020 that’why Ashraf Ghani did not follow up the decision of loya jirga hereto. The Latest report of UN can make the process of peace more fluctuate which highlights the presence of Daesh is increasing in this state, that’s another trauma who will try to sabotage this Intra -Afghan talk. The most important agenda between Afghan Govt. and Afghan Taliban will relate to “ System of Government “ or Power sharing. Pro American Govt will likely stress on Western Democracy while Afghan Taliban has unveiled their ambitions to establish Islamic Shariah State. In term of power-sharing would it be possible to implement western democracy in some parts while Islamic shariah in others ? How Will they elect their head of the state ? In all these aspects, the path for establishment of durable peace in Afghanistan will always remain turbulent. Both parties must refer this case to the people of Afghanistan who will decide through referendum which type of Government system they would like to see and all major stakeholders should welcome the decision of Afghan citizens. In the theory of Political Science, Only permanent residents has the fundamental right to decide the destiny of their country. Afghan peace is fully dependent on regional peace and security and for this purpose Afghan decision of Afghan people may pave the way for permanent peace.