(ONE TV): In a press conference after visiting three South Asia nations – Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka -, Wells said that there has to be focus on the reduction in violence that the “Afghan people can see and feel and appreciate.” She said that at the top of the agenda during Islamabad visiting was understanding how “we can grow our bilateral relationships commensurate with the cooperation that we are achieving in promoting peace in Afghanistan and regional stability.” “We appreciate the steps Pakistan has taken to advance the Afghan peace process, and Pakistan has important leverage to promote lasting security and stability in Afghanistan,” Wells said. On corruption, the diplomat said that the menace remains endemic in Afghanistan. “We certainly, again, encourage that the government as well as other implementers or recipients of assistance do everything possible to ensure that what are declining levels of economic assistance be put to maximum effect of the – Afghanistan has to transition to become self-reliant and to develop a private sector,” Wells said. On the September 28 presidential election whose final result has yet to be announced, Wells said that it’s better to get it right than to finish it quickly.