(TOLO News): German Ambassador to Kabul, Peter Prügel, at a meeting in Kabul on Tuesday said Germany’s government is closely working with its allies and international organizations to mediate the Afghan peace process. The German envoy who addressed a gathering at an event for peace said there is a clear and strong correlation between successful mediation efforts and a sustainable peace process. “The German government therefore closely works with many like-minded partners around the world as well as with professional civil society organizations in Germany and beyond to continue its defining tune and adapt its mediation approach,” he said. “Not all conflicts, however–be it intra or inter-state–can be mediated. Mediation requires the acceptance by all sides of the conflict of a third party to facilitate in the conflict resolution.” Head of the US Institute of Peace in Afghanistan, Ehsan Zia, said the logical use of the current opportunity for ending the war is crucial. He said that Afghanistan should try to maintain the mediator countries’ trust in the peace process.  “The opportunity for peace emerges rarely and there is a good opportunity in Afghanistan and this opportunity should be used effectively because previously the country’s political leaders have turned such opportunities into a crisis,” he said. “I want to tell the opposition and enemies of the Afghan government that the way they have chosen leads to nowhere and the Afghan nation and the republic’s government will never accept a fragile peace that will open the way to another (war),” said Ajmal Shahpoor, deputy minister of Information and Culture for Youths’ Affairs.