(ATN News): Members of Parliament on Monday decided to sue officials of the Ministry of Finance for “Fraud and wasting Money” from the national budget for 1397. The Financial and Budget Committee of the lower house prepared a report which reveals that billions of Afghanis have been taken out of the budget of the fiscal year 1397. As a result, the lawmakers summoned Homayoun Qayoumi, the acting Finance Minister to the house. “Changes in the budget lines are against the regulations, and according to the changes made recently, more than 2.5 billion Afghanis were added to another code, that’s why the ministry of finance officials should be sued legally,” said Sayed Azim Kebrzani a member of Financial and Budget Committee. However, Qayoumi rejected all the claims and stressed that he expected “appreciation” for his performance and accomplishments so far. “Any change in the budget line was in accordance to decrees by the president,” said Qayoumi. This statement was rejected by the MPs as the MP Nasim Mudabir replied that, “Can president cross the law?” This comes as the financial report on the fiscal year 1397 was approved by more than half of the MPs. They want the Finance Ministry officials to be punished for their illegal changes in financial budget codes.