(ATN NEWS): These tickets warn that if non-biometric votes are counted, a disaster in the country would follow the announcement of election results. Hamayun Harir, a member of Peace and Islamic Justice electoral team said,” unfortunately, there were two major problems that undermined the legitimacy of this election; low turnout of  voters and hundreds of thousands of non-biometric votes.” “There are high number of reports about ghost voters that are not verified by bio-metric devices and ballot stuffing in areas other than the voting centers. Some people are trying to enter these votes into system and we have officially written about this to the Election Commission,” stated Nor Ruhman Khaliq, a member of Stability and Partnership ticket. Meanwhile, the Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) admits low turnout of voters but say that they will be accountable for any fraud issue. Habib Rahman Nang, head of IEC Secretariat stressed, “it is the first election in Afghanistan’s history with such low number of complaints. There were some problems in the Election Day, especially technical problems with biometric devices and we are accountable to our people regarding them.” This comes after IEC on Tuesday estimated that nearly 2.6 million votes were cast in the Afghan presidential election that took place on September 28 across the country, adding that the figures might decrease after filtering non-biometric votes.