(WASHINGTON, DC – U.S.): Donald Trump has again raised the spectre of using nuclear weapons in Afghanistan. On Thursday, commenting on the ongoing talks with the Taliban, he said the U.S could win the war, which has been raging for 18 years, if he was willing to kill ten million people over the course of a week or two. Mr Trump has made similar assertions before. He said the U.S. military was acting like a police force in the country, although in recent times very few U.S. soldiers have been on the frontline in the country. Asked if a peace deal with the Taliban will be signed anytime soon, the present responded: “Well, we’ll see. We’re going to be talking to them. We’re continuing to talk. We’ve been there 19 years. We’ve done tremendous work. We could win it very quickly if I’m – I’ve said this many times – if I’m willing to kill 10 million people in the course of a week or two, we could win that thing very quickly. I’m not looking to kill people in that case or in any other case, frankly. We could win that very quickly.” “It has not been easy for our country because we’re really serving as policemen more than we are anything else. We’re like policemen in Afghanistan,” he reiterated. “But we’re talking to the Taliban. We’re talking to the government. We’ll see if we can do something. It’s been a long time. We have great warriors there. We have great soldiers. But they’re not acting as soldiers. They’re acting as policemen and that’s not their job. That’s not their job,” said the president. “So we’d like to get at least a big proportion of them home. We also have Nato troops there. We’d like to bring a big portion of them home. So we’re talking to the Taliban; we’re talking to the government. We’ll see what happens. We’re also talking to Iran. And we’re also talking to North Korea.” Mr Trump blamed the situation in Afghanistan on the presidencies of George W Bush and Barack Obama. “We have – look, when I took over, I was given a lot of bad hands by previous administrations. And I say that as plural – ‘previous administrations,’ I was given a lot of things,” he said. Many have said that the U.S. went into Afghanistan to remove the Taliban from power and to restore a democratically elected government, and now that it is talking to the Taliban about playing a part in the government again, that the U.S. is preparing to leave the country in the same state in which it went in, and that nothing will have been achieved – except hundreds of thousands of Afghans and thousands of U.S. troops have been killed or wounded. When asked about this, Mr Trump replied: “I think that it will be much different. I think that, having gone in – I was not a fan of going into the Middle East. I think it was a bad decision. I don’t “think.” Now it’s been proven. It’s been a bad – going into Iraq was an incredibly bad decision. That’s my opinion; I’ve said it for a long time.” “Was going into Afghanistan a mistake?,” he was asked. “It was not as bad, but it would’ve been – it could’ve been handled a lot differently. I think time has proven that. But it could’ve been handled a lot differently,” he said. “But we’re in very major discussions. They may or may not happen. You know, there’s no guarantee that they’re going to happen. We’re dealing with the government also. If you watched a show called ’60 Minutes’ from about two years ago, I remember exactly what was said by your leader of the government, that, if the United States wasn’t there, he’d be there for a very short period of time. He wouldn’t be able to sustain himself. That’s not a good situation either.” “We have to stay there in order for them to sustain themselves. Well, eventually, we have to get out. So why is he saying that? And that was a – that really made a point. That was two years ago. Maybe even a little bit longer,” said the U.S. president.