An unnamed Taliban commander told the U.K. news outlet:

(BREITBART NEWS): We have been fighting for years to the point [where] we are close to defeating the foreign troops and getting rid of the puppet Afghan government. Many commanders want to keep fighting. This deal is just face-saving for the Americans to avoid humiliation. On August 15, Reuters quoted an anonymous Taliban fighter as saying he had no choice but to join the Islamic State branch in Afghanistan – the Khorasan Province (ISIS-K). “During the fighting, local people got killed, many people have enemies,” the narco-jihadi told Reuters. “To survive, I have to go to [ISIS],” he added. “Our aim is to fight the infidels and corruption, no matter under what name.” The Taliban’s leadership has reportedly denied projections that the peace talks may push members of its group in the arms of its rival ISIS. Since officially establishing its presence in Afghanistan in early 2015, ISIS-K has been competing for power and influence with the Taliban, many times fighting to the death. Echoing Reuters, the Times reported on Tuesday: The Taliban is showing signs of splitting, with thousands of fighters ready to defect to a resurgent Islamic State over peace talks that are being held with the United States.