(The Kabul Times): Despite of their potential capabilities to launch and lead most of independent counter-terror operations but ANDSF are in need of government and world community support. During his meeting with NUG leaders in Kabul, commander of American troops in Europe Gen Todd Walters once again assured their support of ANSDF. Appreciating ANDSF sacrifices in war on terror, this American senior general said, NATO and ANSDF are fighting for common objectives not only for security of Afghanistan but the region and globe.Considering NATO partnership in the benefit of ANSDF, president Ghani emphasized that every possible reduction and increase of RS troops depends upon situations. The MoD authorities admiring world community support particularly, NATO said, ANDSF are not capable alone to fight terrorism and need NATO support.In their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter, a number of citizens as well as military-political analysts express their believe that until training and funding centers of terrorists are not shutdown beyond borders, the Afghan people would not witness prosperity. They requested revision of war on terror strategy.Former deputy MoI Hadi Khaled said, current war on terror strategy has been concentrated in wrong geography and therefore has been defeated. The main hideouts and save heavens of terrorists should be targetedoutside Afghanistan. He added, no doubt the Afghan government is not alone able to fight terrorism because this war requires universal firm determination and partnership. Afghanistan is a direct victim of terrorism. NATO sustainable support of ANDSF is very effective in this war. Amir Mohammad another military-political analyst said, in the last 18 years, the Afghan government has been emphasizing continuously that main hideouts of terrorist locate beyond Afghanistan and must be targeted there. The Afghan people expect the world to undertake practical measures for elimination of terrorists beyond borders. He went on to say, 18 years strong presence and deep involvement of NATO, US troops in Afghanistan didn’t produce expected outcomes and instead to be eliminated, the terrorists got momentum further even to that extent that today directly challenge US administration during their so-called peace talks and tell Americans what to do or what not to do and refuse the US-backed NUG government to talk with. Sakhidad an ex-army officer (retired) said the world community specially the US should not leave Afghanistan alone and further support it in war on terror. Because at present we are facing strong and vital threats from regional and global terror groups. ANDSF are leading combat missions heroically and need more support.
Farzana student of private university said, presence of US-led troops is a vital need because security situation is fragile.