“Glory to Ghazi Amanullah Khan, Up with Ghazi Amanullah Khan,” the poems, the liberals in the Indian subcontinent were humming, after the King gained Afghanistan’s independence from the then British Empire.
Amanullah Khan had been called as a hero in this region, even in the world. The regional and world media have been publishing and releasing pictures of the King and wrote epic essays and articles about his heroisms.
The Britain Empire on which, the sun had not set, had no way, except recognition of the independence of Afghanistan; the first country in the region to gain its complete independence.
Gaining of the country’s complete independence opened a new chapter in Afghanistan history.
Since 1919, by which the country’s complete independence was achieved, Afghans on 19 August each year hold gatherings around the country to commemorate the Anglo-Afghan Treaty, under which, the country was relinquished from a dominated state status.
Based on the treaty, Afghanistan was granted a complete impartial relation between our country and Britain, after being the latter defeated during the third battle against Britain’s invasion.
The courage and bravery of the whole Afghans, who fought several wars to finally achieve the country’s independence, grants pride and gives the lesson of freedom-loving to the ensuing generation.
Those still in fights against the legal system and those with constant efforts for continuation of war in the country should go back to the history of the three Anglo-Afghan wars and realize that Afghans would never bow to any power.
Instead of interference and fueling war against innocent Afghans, they should work for a peaceful atmosphere in the country, as history has shown that peace in Afghanistan is in the interest of the entire region and the world.
The Taliban who are still fighting the legal system, have no way except negotiation and ultimately reintegration.
They should have realized that war leaves nothing except ruins and destruction of the country and the death of thousands of innocent Afghans and immigration of millions of others.
Let’s remember and commemorate the report-cards of Ghazi Amanullah Khan with unity and safeguard the pride of the country independence with strong sense of responsibility.