(Pajhwok): US President Joe Biden is committed to bringing a responsible end to the conflict in Afghanistan, says a White House official. The president wanted to remove US troops in Afghanistan from harm’s way, Press Secretary Jen Psaki told a media briefing on Friday. Biden wanted to ensure that Afghanistan never again became a safe haven for terrorists who could threaten the United States or any of its allies, she said. Asked about the May 1 deadline for US troop pullout, she responded: “He wants to make that decision in close consultation with partners around the world…” The president would take a decision in line with advice from his national security team in a way that ensured we are the safety and security of US troops, she explained. At the same time, the press secretary added, the Biden administration remained serious about diplomatic negotiations with the Taliban. “So he has been clear that it is operationally challenging to get troops out by May 1st, but I certainly expect you will hear from him on what his decision is in advance of that period of time.” In response to a question, she insisted Biden’s approach to pullout from Afghanistan was responsible as he seeking advice from members of his military and diplomatic teams. The president was also consulting US partners and friends around the world as he prepared to make his decision on bringing the US forces home from Afghanistan.