(The Statesmam): Afghanistan as a nation has only witnessed wars and bloodshed for the past four decades. Its turmoil began with the Soviet invasion in December 1979 and continues to date. The US entered after the 9/11 attack. After two decades, the US is now firming its plans to pull out. It has realised that it would never achieve the goals that it had set for itself when it entered Afghanistan. At the end of the day, it would leave the country in a similar mess as Libya or Iraq, where multiple terrorist groups continue fighting one another as also the elected government for control of territory. Ultimately, it is only the populace which suffers and bears the brunt of the violence. Unlike Donald Trump, who was pushing the Afghan government to sign a peace deal with the Taliban, President Joe Biden is seeking to bring forth an interim inclusive government involving the Taliban and the current elected dispensation in a power sharing formula. This is not being attempted by conviction and convincing, but by arm-twisting and coercion. In addition, the US is planning to delay its troop pull out beyond the agreed date of 1 May. NATO has already announced that it would not adhere to the 1 May date. The US also plans to shift the current Doha talks to Istanbul, hoping Turkey and Pakistan could push both sides for a ceasefire, where Qatar failed. This current plan is another halfbaked thought process of the US and is destined for failure. Afghanistan has never been a nation state, but a collection of nations loosely governed by Kabul. Loyalties are more to local warlords and tribal chiefs than to Kabul. Even the warring sides are unwilling to accept the US proposal.