(TOLO News): The findings show that five of those killed in crime incidents are military personnel. Three explosions and 20 crime incidents have happened in less than the last 10 days, according to the findings. On Thursday, a group of armed robbers entered Abdulhai Habibi High School in PD8 of Kabul and looted the mobile phones and other belongings of the students.  On Wednesday night, a group of armed robbers stopped a vehicle and looted money and mobile phones of the passengers in the north of Kabul on Wednesday evening.  The government announced a security plan, security charter, to integrate security personnel in ensuring the safety of Kabul and other big cities in the country. As part of this plan, President Ghani directed security agencies to come up with robust action against crime cases robustly in the city.   Kabul residents said the situation is concerning and that security agencies have “failed” to ensure people’s safety.  “They take your mobile phone. If you don’t have one, they stab you three times. Unfortunately, the government is doing nothing,” said Saifullah, a Kabul resident.  “The people are really tired of this situation,” said Hashmat Rahimi, Kabul resident.  According to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, more than 500 suspects have been arrested in last 10 days on charges of different crimes in Kabul.  Tariq Arian, a spokesman for the ministry, people’s cooperation with security forces, especially the police, is the key to overcome crime incidents in Kabul. “There will be reforms in police ranks and in at police stations,” Arian said. “We have expedited our efforts to arrest criminals.” Experts said there is a need to appoint qualified officials in key security pots to improve the security situation in the city. “We can expect better security for Kabul and other cities if the government appoints qualified people and the people should cooperate with security forces,” said Assadullah Walwalji, an analyst.