(BNA): Condemning the attack on deputy head of provincial council of Paktia province here yesterday, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani asked Taliban to declare humanitarian ceasefire amid peace talks in Doha. President Ghani condemned the attack on Ayub Gharwal, deputy head of Paktia Provincial Council, who was gunned down on Saturday in Gardez city. In a statement issued by the Presidential Palace, President Ghani reiterated his call to the Taliban to accept the calls for a humanitarian and lasting ceasefire to ensure the security of civilians. The president also called for an investigation into the killing of Gharwal. Paktia officials said the incident happened at about 5.30am in Gardez city while Gharwal was on his way to Gardez University.  Officials said Gharwal was seriously wounded in the attack and later died in hospital from gunshot wounds. Gharwal’s death is another ring in a series of targeted attacks on high-profile public figures and government officials. Earlier this month, Vice President Amrullah Saleh was also targeted in an attack in Kabul.  VP Saleh escaped with minor injuries but at least 10 people were killed in the roadside bombing that was intended to kill the VP.  No group has yet claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack on Gharwal.