(BNA): A one-day women rights awareness workshop urged for wide women representation in the process on Sunday. The workshop was held at National Gallery Hall of the Ministry of Information and Culture and attended by a number of cultural women and media journalists, mostly from Government entities, in which the role of women for restoration of their rights at the center and provinces of the country was discussed and called important. Mahboba Sadat, Gender Officer of the ministry of Information and Culture spoke about the women rights and asked for the institutionalization of their rights in various fields of social, economic, cultural even in the military sphere. “In order to have the women rights defended and their role outlined publicly, their role should be considered in the peace process, as women have had achievements in different fields in the last more than 18 years,” she said. According to him, women’s role in peace process would help a lasting peace restore in the country, as they have their own rights to be defended during the talks with the government armed oppositions. In the one-day workshop, which concluded yesterday, Masouda Waisi, a member of the World Women Movement for Peace, also spoke about the women rights and their role for a lasting peace and security in the country.  Malikzada