(Pajhwok): Security forces have launched operation for the arrest of illegal armed group commander Nizamuddin Qaisari in northern Balkh province, an official said on Sunday. Police spokesman Adel Shah Adel told Pajhwok Afghan News that raid conducted on Qaisari’s residence in limits of 5th police district in Azizabad area on Saturday night. He said judicial organs had ordered the detention of the illegal armed man. A security source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said at least 210 illegal armed men loyal to Qaisari were hiding in his residence and 120 of them were resisting against security personnel. On the other hand, in a statement police headquarters said that illegal armed men of Qaisari had recently caused in disorder, extorting people and insecurity in Mazar-i-Sharif City. The source said that judicial and justice organs thus issued arrest warrant of Qaisari. The security forces had besieged Qaisari’s home and asked him to surrender to government but he tried to resist the security personnel, the statement added. The clash between security forces and Qaisari’s militiamen broke out at 12am on Saturday night till morning, the source cited. Balkh police said that security and defence forces were committed to enforce law in the country and would capture Nizamuddin Qaisari as soon as possible. Residents of the area said gun fires could be heard all the night. The militia leader Nizamuddin Qaisari was detained in July of 2018 by commando forces in northern Faryab province. His arrest sparked protests from supporters of Junbish Milli Islami party led by Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum that gripped the provincial capital as the protestors set fire to vehicles and parts of the governor’s house. One protestor was killed and six other wounded in firing by security forces. Qaisari had been released few months after whose case had been declared as one-sided by the government and the Attorney General Office. Ahead of presidential election, Qaisari initial supported State Builder election team but then joined presidential candidate Rahmatullah Nabil.