(BNA): President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with members of election team of second vice president stressed on rule of law. In a ceremony held on this occasion at Salam Khana of Presidential Palace and attended by second vice president and a number of elders, President Ghani in his speech said: “Our common connectivity is the citizen connectivity and the presidential office was in the service of all and for respecting the nation and each citizen of Afghanistan”. “We have all a clear con- senses that we do not let repetition of the past as we think of future. Being Hazara is not a crime but an honor we are a single nation and we will not let separation of Afghans,” President Ghani said. The country’s President added that the country’s constitution did not let any dealing on rights of the people, saying that rule of law and republic were their redline and could not dealt as republic was changing them to citizens. Pointing to security of high- ways in particular Bamyan – Maidan Wardak, Jaghori – Qarabagh and Dara-e-Sauf – Mazar-e-Sharif, President Ghani said a working on a security plan was underway and serious attention would be paid in this regard. The country’s President also by pointing to economic development of the country said division of Afghanistan into eight economic zones could maintain developmental and budgetary justice in the country, adding that exports and imports have changed as attention has been paid to exports resources. In the ceremony, second vice president asserted that in 20 provinces of the country, political parties’ elites, cultural organizations, provincial councils and university lecturers were operating and they heard the voice of the people and were trying to prevent from discrimination and disunity among the people.