(BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with the officials of the National Environment Protection Agency instructed for drawing up what he said an effective plan to prevent air pollution, a statement from the Presidential Office said Friday. During the meeting held at the Presidential Palace on Thursday, the president issued the order to the EPA to install continuous air pollution measuring and monitoring facilities in Kabul soon, the statement added. According to the statement, the president asked the related authorities to meet every second day to evolve a strategy for curbing air pollution, the statement added. Senior EPA official, Eng. Ezzatullah Siddiqi, presented a report on implementation of plans for controlling pollution and offered a number of rec- commendations for curbing the air pollution, including two holidays in the winter and a check on the entry of heavy vehicles into the capital. He also called for raising public awareness on the issue, the use of masks, stabilization of liquefied gas prices to dis- courage the use of coal and plantation of saplings. Amarullah Saleh the deputy to the State-Building Team also spoke about the issue, listing the burning of old tires and raw coal as main causes of environmental pollution, according to the statement. President Ghani asked the NEPA to share its plan for the purchase of pollution gauging equipment with the Ministry of Finance. The agency was also asked to present its recommendations for the five most polluted cities at the next meeting. The President ordered the agency personnel to meet owners of brick-kilns as a major pollutant and submit comprehensive recommendations for dealing with the challenge in the next 10 days. He also asked the resident of five more polluted cities for sharing their proposals on the use of solar energy and minimizing reliance on burning coal. The statement went on as saying, the president stressed concrete pollution curbing measures must yield effective results over the next three months.