(BNA): Welcoming the Afghan security forces for entering offensive position from defense one, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said that Taliban will face Daesh fate if were not ready to accept peace talks, a statement from the Presidential Palace said Tuesday. Addressing a Women Military Peace and Security Conference, the president on Tuesday warned the Taliban they would face same fate as Daesh network, which he said was eliminated in the country’s eastern Nangarhar province, the statement said. At a concluding ceremony of the First Women Peace and Security held at the Ministry of Defense, he said that Taliban could never make this hero nation surrender through violence. He said Taliban would only encourage people to deal with them as they did with Daesh, the statement quoted. “You should understand that you are not posing against a weak government or a weak nation, but a strong government, resolute defense and security forces and a nation which has national will and wants welfare and development in the country,” said the statement quoting the president. He added that peace was the desire of every Afghan but a peace could bring security, stability, development and brotherhood. Pointing to the women rights, some of them in the national army and police, the country’s president also reiterated that women’s rights will not be compromised in peace talks. “Peace doesn’t belong to a political party or an ethnic group, but to all Afghans,” the president reiterated. The President also emphasized on rule of law and that no one could threaten it. “We obey the law and perform our duties based on law. One should do understand that Afghanistan is not a country where e they could theaten or force people into compromise,” said the president.