(Khaama press): An airstrike killed a commander of the Taliban group had recently killed three judges in central Logar province. According to a statement released by Ministry of Defense, an airstrike in Mohammad Agha district of Logar killed 4 Taliban militants including Waisuddin, one of the key commanders of the group. The statement further added that the security forces conducted the airstrike at around 6:00 pm local time on Saturday. Waisuddin was one of the key commanders of Taliban who had killed three judges of the Appellate Court of Paktiya in Logar province three days ago, the defense ministry added. The three judges were on their way from Paktiya to Kabul when the Taliban militants stopped them in Logar and murdered them. The Taliban group has not commented regarding the killing of Waisuddin and three others militants in Logar airstrike so far.