(TOLO news): According to the officials, over $50 million have been invested in these factories, where food and reconstruction materials are being produced. “Most of the factories are operating in the area of food production,” said Hamdullah Khadim, chairman of the Herat Chamber of Commerce and Mines. Meanwhile, the business community in Herat says there is a willingness among investors to buy a stake in various sectors, but a lack of government support is a big obstacle. Business owners criticize the government for failing to provide enough electricity and security for the investors, and for being reluctant to fight corruption at customs. “Nearly $3 million was invested so far this year on non-alcoholic beverages production, but investors continue to face power shortages and corruption at customs and it’s a major obstacle,” said Mohammad Shah Sakhizada, a factory owner. Based on statistics of Herat’s Chamber of Commerce and Mines, currently 300 factories are active in Herat’s Industrial Park and in the areas of food production, construction supplies, marble and dairy. Herat’s Chamber of Commerce and Mines said that if the government provides enough electricity for factories and ensures security for investors, 20 more factories will be established soon in the province.