(Salaam Times): HERAT — Afghan forces earlier this month destroyed a base and drug-storage facility belonging to the Taliban in Pusht Rod District, Farah Province, as part of a campaign to cut off the group’s income. The operation on August 17 also resulted in the capture of five members of the Taliban including Mullah Marjan, a local commander. The NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan provided air support, according to authorities. “Security and defence forces launched operations on a Taliban base in Farah’s Saaj village operated by Haji Marjan, one of the Taliban’s famous drug dealers in Farah Province,” Mohibullah Mohib, a spokesman for the Farah police, said in an interview. “This famous drug dealer was captured along with his four comrades.” Mullah Marjan “had accumulated more than 400kg of various narcotics in the safe haven, which were burned by the forces who conducted the operation,” he said. Taliban members processed drugs on Mullah Marjan’s base and sold them to finance the group’s terrorist activities, Mohib said. “The Taliban produce, process, traffic and sell drugs as part of their efforts in Farah Province,” he added. “The government has decided to first destroy the Taliban’s income sources.” In air operations that took place on April 27, Afghan and NATO-led air forces annihilated 76 of the Taliban’s drug-production and processing facilities in Bala Buluk District in Farah Province, burning tonnes of drugs.