(Afghanistan News): KABUL, Afghanistan – The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a car bombing in Kabul that has taken the lives of twelve people, including 2 Nato soldiers, and ten civilians. 40 others were wounded. A few hours later, a car bomb exploded outside an Afghan military base in a neighbouring province, killing four civilians. The Taliban claimed responsibility for that attack as well. Afghanistan is rife with violence, with car bombings almost a daily occurrence, despite peace talks taking place between the United States and the Taliban. On Monday of this week sixteen people died, mostly foreign nationals, in a truck bombing. Another 105 people were wounded. The Taliban claimed responsibility. “Peace with a group that is still killing innocent people is meaningless,” Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said in a statement published on Thursday. The attack in Kabul on Thursday was in Shash Darak, close to embassies and ministries and adjacent to the Green Zone, an area considered highly secure. Not far from where the bombing occurred is the Nato headquarters in the country, the National Directorate of Security (Afghan intelligence) and the U.S. embassy. “Two Resolute Support service members were killed in action today in Kabul, Afghanistan,” the Nato mission to the country said in a statement released on Thursday. “One service member was from Romania. In accordance with Nato policy, Resolute Support will not disclose additional details. Further information will come from Romania.”