Wednesday August 21, 2019

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with the country’s security and defense forces, said that further efforts should be made for tightening security of the capital Kabul, BNA reported. At the meeting which was held at the Police Deployment and Management Center (DMC), the President after hearing reports from the minister of interior and other police authorities, said that all those police officers with small mistakes have been imprisoned, would be absolved and released except those have violated people rights. The President thanked the entire police personnel of the country for their struggle to tighten security of Afghanistan 100th Independence Day which was marked at the center and provinces of the country. “Peace is a need of the country, but peace restoration will not change our treaties with our international partners,” said the President adding that after peace agreement, financing, equipment, training and supporting the country’s police personnel would continue. The President said: “The country’s security and defense forces will continue fighting any threats with all power until peace is restored.” “Daesh and all terrorism affiliated terrorist networks should be suppressed and eliminated, anywhere found, with the help of the people,” said the President. The President asked the entire police personnel for ensuring security of the Presidential Election as they are successful in the battlefield.