After Nirkh, Jalrez district of Maidan Wardak also falls to Taliban

(Pajhwok): Some local officials and residents on Friday acknowledged the fall of Jalreez district in central Maidan Wardak province to the Taliban while security officials have not yet confirmed the development. Sharifullah Hotak, the Provincial Council, member said the Taliban captured Jalreez district. He said the district felt to the Taliban after security forces not

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‘Cancer Kills Thousands in Afghanistan Every Year’

(BNA): The Afghanistan Cancer Foundation (ACF) said on Thursday that 15,000 people in Afghanistan die of cancer in the country every year. The ACF said that a shortage of diagnostic centers, low capacity and food, drugs and insecurity all contribute to the increase in numbers. “Twenty thousand get cancer annually and 15,000 out of the

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Taliban Attack Repulsed in Farah, Purchaman District

(BNA): A Taliban attack on Farah’s Parchman district was repulsed last night, killing four people. Farah police spokesman told BNA that armed Taliban attacked the security checkpoints of Midanak in Parchman district of Farah province, which faced with security force resistance. He added that four armed Taliban were killed in the clashes. According to the

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Taliban Associates Detained in Parwan

(BNA): National Security officials arrested four members of the Taliban in Bagram district of Parwan yesterday. Parwan national security source told BNA that national security officials detained the Taliban in two separate operations in Qala-e-Nodeh , Mullah Yusuf areas in central Parwan and Ghulam Ali Bazaar in Bagram district. He said some weapons were recovered

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NATO mapped future supporting pillars as Taliban expands ‘influence’

(KHAAMA Press): General Jens Stoltenberg on Friday vowed NATO’s ensuing support to Afghanistan as its military presence comes to an end in the country. In a dialogue session with Emmanuel Macron (French President), Stoltenberg indicated that NATO’s future aids to Afghanistan will be based on “three main pillars”. “As we end our military presence, we

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Center of District in Maidan Wardak Falls to Taliban: MP

(TOLO News): The district governor’s compound in Jalrez district in Maidan Wardak and the police headquarters have fallen to the Taliban after heavy attacks by the group for the last three days, an MP from the province, Mahdi Rasikh, said on Friday. Rasikh said that some members of the government forces were captured by the

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