Talks to end war at doldrums

(Afghanistan Times): A peace talk to end the war in Afghanistan has seen moving nowhere; rather has been turning into intricacy by passing each day. Both sides (Afghan government and the Taliban) are somehow setting fury on some issues that could be tiny, but have prevented yet the direct talks between the Afghan peace team

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Large Taliban Explosives Depot Destroyed in Helmand

(BNA): A large Taliban explosive depot was destroyed in an air strike in Helmand. The warehouse was located in the Qassem Bazaar area of Marjah district in a Taliban hideout and was attacked by the country's air force last night. Maiwand Army Corps in south of the country said in a news release that the

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Afghan Taliban say ready for talks if prisoners freed

(The international new): The Afghan Taliban said on Friday they were ready for intra-Afghan negotiations if the Kabul government fulfilled its commitment and freed their remaining prisoners. The Taliban supremo Sheikh Haibatullah Akhunzada had recently constituted a 21-member negotiation team for talks with the Afghan government and nominated chief negotiator Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanakzai as

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31 Taliban killed in Kunduz

(Afghanistan Times): At least 31 Taliban rebels were killed in a counter attack by the Afghan security forces in northern Kunduz province, military officials said Friday. The ministry of defense said in a statement that the attack was launched after a large number of Taliban stormed several areas of Imam Saib district of the province.

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Dozens of Taliban Insurgents Killed in Kunduz Raid

(BNA) Dozens of Taliban insurgents were killed in security forces raid in Kunduz. Mullah Abdullah, known as Hojran, Mullah Khairullah, known as Qari Ahmad, Mullah Jafar and Qaari Hafizullah, four Taliban commanders killed in the attack. Dozens of Taliban insurgents reportedly gathered at their hideout in Imam Sahib district late yesterday to plan attacks in

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