Ghani Cautiously Reacts to US-Taliban Talks in Munich

(TOLO news): Ghani said that drugs are playing a key role in financing terrorism and that the international community must take responsibility in combating drug production in Afghanistan. He said that the war in Afghanistan today is not a civil war. “The war in Afghanistan is not a civil war, but a multi-dimensional conflict,” he

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Khalilzad Calls for Collective Efforts to Make Peace A Success

(TOLO News): Khalilzad reported on Twitter that he had met with President Ashraf Ghani in Munich on Friday and held a series of meetings with leaders and representatives from different countries. Khalilzad also mentioned a “prolonged and fruitful” trip to Doha before attending the Munich Security Conference. During a meeting with President Ghani, Khalilzad said

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In long-suffering Afghanistan, this is a peace deal worth trying

(The Washington Post): On Saturday, a holiday commemorating the 31st anniversary of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, people here awaited the announcement of an agreement between the United States and the Taliban on the withdrawal of U.S. troops. Skepticism here about what comes next pales in comparison with the certainty that continued war will fail. This

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9 drug addicts shot dead in Kabul city

(KHAAMA PRESS): Officials in Kabul Police Headquarters confirm unknown gunmen shot dead a group of nine drug addicts in West of Kabul city. Ferdaws Faramurz, a spokesperson of Kabul Police Headquarters confirmed the incident and said the gunmen shot dead the nine drug addicts in the vicinity of 6th district of the city. Faramurz further

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