Afghan forces free 12 from Taliban jail in Uruzgan

(Afghanistan Times): The Afghan army forces broke into a pair of Taliban prison on Monday in southern Uruzgan province and freed 12 prisoners held by the Taliban, ministry of defense said. Ministry of Defense in a statement said that Afghan army forces conducted raid in Shahidan district, in which 12 civilian inmates have been freed

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Esper wants to cut US troops ‘with or without’ Afghan peace deal

(Daily Mail): Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Monday he wants to reduce the number of US troops in Afghanistan "with or without" a peace agreement in order to give higher priority to strategic competition with China. The Trump administration is expected to announce plans to withdraw around 4,000 troops from Afghanistan, according to US media,

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Special Forces conduct major offensive against Taliban compounds in Kunduz

(KHAAMA PRESS): The Afghan Special Forces conducted a major offensive against Taliban compounds in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan, the Afghan military said. According to a statement released by Special Operations Corps, the Special Forces killed 11 Taliban militants during the raid, destroyed 3 compounds and 4 fighting positions of the group. The statement further

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Govt. failed to arrest Qaisari

(Afghanistan Times): Afghan security forces have failed to arrest Commander Nizamuddin Qaisari despite conducting heavy clashes with use of helicopter gunships on his house in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital city of northern Balkh province. Provincial officials confirmed that the clearing operation has been completed but the commander had succeeded to escape. Adeldshah Adel, provincial police spokesman

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US Senator Supports Proposed ‘8,600’ US Troops in Afghanistan

(TOLO News): US Senator Lindsey Graham at a Kabul press conference on Monday spoke of a possible troop reduction in the next year and offered a suitable remaining force level of “8,600” troops, which he has heard “mentioned.”  “I believe we can responsibly reduce our forces--if the number 8,600 is chosen it’s a good decision,

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US, Taliban To Sign Peace Agreement Next Week

(ATN News): The Peace Agreement between the Taliban and the US might be signed at the beginning of next week in Doha, said sources near to the Taliban. The talks will restart after a day. Meanwhile, the Afghan politicians believe that before the agreement is signed, violence and attacks of the Taliban should reduce. “The

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Breaking News: IED Blast In Balkh Injures Three Civilians

(ATN News): On Tuesday morning, an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded near to Alokozay Square in Balkh Province, confirmed Adel Shah Adel the provincial police spokesperson. According to Adel, only three civilians were injured in this mine blast, and there are casualties exposed to police. He added that the IED was attached to a bicycle and

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