Hekmatyar’s Campaign Supporters Hold Rally in Kabul

(ATN news): Addressing the marchers, Gulbudin Hekmatyar stated that any government imposed ‘illegally’ on Afghan people will not be acceptable for them. “We and a number of political parties and electoral tickets have committed to firmly stand against fraud and we will never accept a president who wins through fraud, bribery and betrayal,” said Hekmatyar.

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Editorial: Thorny issues on road to peace

(Afghanistan Times): US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, who was in Kabul recently, has discussed with Afghan leaders ways of resuming the pivotal peace talks. Their meeting mainly revolved around truce and the Taliban’s safe havens outside the country, as well as the revival of peace talks. The leaders have reportedly emphasized that both issues –

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NEPA Instructed to Plan for Preventing Air-Pollution

(BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with the officials of the National Environment Protection Agency instructed for drawing up what he said an effective plan to prevent air pollution, a statement from the Presidential Office said Friday. During the meeting held at the Presidential Palace on Thursday,

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Afghan Invests $6M in Paktia Pine Nuts Business

(TOLO news): Work on the factory has started, and six processing machines will be installed, said the investor, Haji Mohammad Gardizi. The target output of the factory is “500 (metric) tons of pine nuts in 24 hours.”  Gardizi did not mention an exact time for the factory’s completion but said that over 100 workers are

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Attorney General Investigates Sex Abuse Allegations in Logar

(TOLO news): In mid-November research by Logar’s civil society, amplified by a report by the UK’s The Guardian as well as other news agencies, brought public attention to “hundreds” of sexually abused children and youth in six provincial schools where the study was done.  The report has faced mixed reactions publicly and among Afghan officials. The

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Qatar RCS Initiates Phase 2 of Education Aid Project in Afghan’s Urozgan Province

(BNA): The representation office of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) in Afghanistan has initiated Phase 2 of a project to support education in remote and poor provinces of the country. Educational aid has been distributed to five schools in Urozgan Province, southern Afghanistan. At a total cost of $180,000, the aid offered included 548 double

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Anti-fraud protests reached the eastern, central and in the capital zone provinces of Afghanistan

(KHAAMA PRESS): The main message of the protesters was addressed to the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan demanding transparency in the vote recount process. Abdullah Abdullah’s electoral team claims that 300K fraudulent votes have been counted by the IEC which should have been invalidated and removed from the system. Mohammad Natiqi, a key member of

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