Taliban Leader With 12 Comrades Killed in Jawzjan

(BNA): A Taliban leader with his 12 comrades were killed in air raids of security troops in Jawzjan province yesterday. Abdul Maroof Azer spokesman for Jawzjan governor told BNA, the raids took place in highway of Marzar-e-Sharif Jawzjan near Khaneqa District, in which a Taliban leader with his 12 comrades were killed. Nine other insurgents

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Wolesi Jirga ‘nullifies’ two contentious, yet recently approved laws

(Afghanistan Times): The Wolesi Jirga or lower house of Parliament on Saturday declared as invalid the Child Rights Protection Law, despite it has been recently approved, and called for a legal review of the measures. On December 9, the Wolesi Jirga approved a legislative decree on the draft Child Rights Protection Law but the administrative

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Afghan security forces ‘arrest 700 Isis fighters and family members including over 200 women and children’

(Daily mail): They have been arrested or surrounded in eastern Afghanistan over the past six months, according to the Afghan government, and presented in plain view today. The Afghan intelligence service, the National Deteriorate for Security, said at least 17 women and 159 children, most from foreign countries, are in custody.  There was no way to

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Taliban in Pakistan to consult ceasefire with leadership

(Afghanistan Times): As the U.S. has pressurized the Taliban Qatar based political office to agree on a short-term ceasefire prior to the intra-Afghan-talks, some sources said that the group’s representatives have traveled to Islamabad to consulate the demand with their top leaders – who are settled in Pakistan. The sources say that the visit has

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IEC to Announce Presidential Election Results on Sunday

(TOLO News): The IEC said the recount process was ended by the secretariat of the IEC and the information from the provinces is being received and added to the database, and they will announce the result tomorrow. Habib Rahman Nang, head of the secretariat of the IEC said: “A team is working to collect information

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Taliban: Intra-Afghan Talks if US Agrees to Total Pullout

(TOLO News): Sahil Shaheen, a Taliban spokesman for the Qatar office, said in his new tweet on Friday that intra-Afghan talks would begin when there is an agreement of a complete US troop pullout. Ronald Kobia, the European Union ambassador to Afghanistan, responded to Shaheen`s tweet, saying that the agreement between the US and Taliban

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US General Defends Afghan War, Says Objectives Achieved

(TOLO News): war in Afghanistan, saying that the war in Afghanistan has achieved its objectives to prevent another 9/11-style attack on the US soil. “I know there’s an assertion out there of some sort of coordinated lie over the course of 18 years,” Milley told reporters at the Pentagon on Friday morning. “I find that

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Afghan Political Figures Works On New Peace Plan To Be Discussed In Peace Talks

(ATN News): Non-governmental political figures led by Hamed Karzai believe that the government should leave the previous impractical plans and agree on a shared and common peace concept with Afghan Politicians.  “Some of the Afghan political faces are working on a peace concept to be discussed in face to face talks with Taliban,” said Haji

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21 Taliban killed in Laghman, Baghlan incidents

(Pajhwok): Twenty-one Taliban have been killed in security forces operations in eastern Laghman and northern Baghlan provinces, a statement and official said on Friday. Eleven Taliban were killed and their training centres and facilities were destroyed in security forces ground offensive and airstrike in the Zango locality of Qarghaio district of Laghman, a statement from 02

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Afghan peace languish in doldrums as real discussion yet to start

(Afghanistan Times): Talking in a roundtable discussion, the US former special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Laura Miler said to assist the peace deal’s implementation, the peace agreement with the Taliban group needs serious supervisor by the international community. Her remarks comes as the US peace envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad in a tweet said that tremendous

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